Whether you're inspecting for corrosion or investigating an insurance claim, it's important to capture accurate data quickly and safely that can be shared across the board.

Our inspection services are able to mobilise within minutes and gather ultra-high resolution images which are then processed into easy-to-use interactive .pdf reports. Back in the office, or out in the field, we give clients the tools to easily analyse the data, accurate measurements and share insights to help make better and faster decisions.

We specialise in the following industries both nationally and internationally:

  • Individual tree status and volumetric measurements.
  • Reduce crop losses, boost yield and save on fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides.
  • Precision agriculture for various sectors. Centralisation of data, writing of prescriptions for spot spray applications, variable application rating for fertiliser and spraying.
  • Invasive species and spot spray control.
  • Specialised fruit fly baiting, codling moth and snail baiting.
Data Capturing
  • 3D Mapping using state of the art software
  • 2D Overlays and highlights – Informative planning
  • Point-Cloud measurement tools (Distance, Mass, Contour lines)
Industrial Services
  • Volumetric measurements and measurements.
  • Site Surveys and inspections.
  • Internal tank, pipe and hazardous area inspections. Limiting the need for confined space entry.
  • CATIII – Thermal analysis,  inspection and reporting.
  • Thermal Inspections, leak detection, statutory visual inspection and reporting.
  • Over head powerlines inspections, CIP detection and thermal inspections.
  • Solar Panel inspections.
  • Mapping, modelling, and measuring in 3D of assets. Various formats for any design software.
Insurance & Security
  • Command and control.
  • Search and rescue.
  • Traffic control.
  • Large scene capturing for reconstruction and investigation.
  • Patrolling and checkpoint.
  • Rapid deployment in situations and reaction to triggers and alarms.

For more information relating to our services, please contact

Robbie Kuhn
064 654 3127
Warren Ross-Allen
079 677 0585